The Academy of Excellence (ACE) is run by Syneron Candela Corporation Australia Pty Ltd and therefore complies with the organisation’s high standards and integrity when it comes to laser technology and laser training. The following section outlines the Syneron Candela Corporation Australia Pty Ltd philosophy as well as the mission and vision statement of ACE.

Company Philosophy

Syneron and Candela are the global leaders in the aesthetic medical device marketplace.
We are one company with two distinctive brands. We combine a level of innovation, expertise and customer understanding superior to that of any company in our industry.

Financial stability, through our aligned resources, allows our new company to offer customers the broadest available product portfolio, the best global service organisation and an expansive worldwide distribution network.

Together, we are more market responsive than ever before. We know how to quickly innovate the safest and most effective products to meet a variety of needs and price points. We are even stronger at anticipating future market trends to help support our customers and their patients.

With new breakthrough technologies currently in the pipeline, we are ideally positioned to maintain our global leadership and continue to help you grow your practice.

Syneron Medical Ltd. Is a publically listed company. In Australia and New Zealand we are part of the APAC business unit and our subsidiary name is Syneron Candela Corporation Australia Pty Ltd.

Syneron and Candela have offices and distributors around the world.

Our mission

Dedicated to equip professionals and businesses with clinical superiority and share knowledge.

Vision statement

Syneron-Candela Corporation Australia Pty Ltd and ACE strive for the market leader role in efficient, effective and customised clinical Learning and Development.


Deliver high quality training modules for a diverse student cohort who wants to start and develop their laser career. Focusing on both the theoretical and the practical part ACE graduates are equipped with laser experience and knowledge which gives them substantial advantages in the competitive market environment. At ACE we stand for excellence and outstanding learning support. Our goal is to provide all of our students a competitive edge in the laser industry, make them superior laser operators and embed them into the ACE culture and community.